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Serialization and Deserialization

Save and load your data in a JSON format

Almost every class in the library can be serialized to JSON and deserialized from JSON. This is useful for saving and loading data to and from disk, or for sending data over the network.

The classes you'll most likely be using for serialization are the following, but keep in mind most internal classes are also serializable/deserializable:

  • Conversation
  • Message
  • CallableFunction


Serializable classes have a toJSON() method that returns a JSON object.

import { Conversation } from "gpt-turbo";
import { save } from "./utils/db.js";

const conversation = new Conversation();

const response = await conversation.prompt("How can I optimize my code to be faster than the Millennium Falcon's Kessel Run?");
console.log(`Response: ${response.content}`);

await save(conversation.toJSON());


Deserializable classes have a fromJSON() static method that returns an instance of the class.

import { Conversation } from "gpt-turbo";
import { load } from "./utils/db.js";

const conversationJson = await load();
const conversation = Conversation.fromJSON(conversationJson);
// ...